Back On Track

Are you stressed and facing burnout at work?

Are you frustrated or feeling guilty that you aren’t spending enough time with your family?

Are you tired of feeling undervalued by your boss?

Do you have problems dealing with difficult colleagues at work?

Do you wish you could ditch the 9 to 5 and do what you love?

Do you feel that it’s not just your career but your life that needs to get back on track?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

The Career Transitions Coach (CTC) specialises in supporting YOU - whether you are in work or out of work - facing redundancy, returning to work after a long break, leaving the 9 to 5 to start up on your own or even dealing with a difficult boss.

We’re here to help you transition to a better place by giving you the awareness and tools that you can implement right away whatever the circumstances.

While we are happy to look at your CV and LindkedIn profile, we are more interested in who you are and the motivations that have lead you to this place and why this situation is no longer working for you.

If you are unhappy, chances are, you’ve been in this situation before and we want to help you understand why and how to avoid that in the future. We want to empower you to have control over your career choices but more than that, we want to empower you to have control over any future choices in your life.

We want to help you get your career and life back on track.

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Ami Nielsen is the Founder and Head Coach of The Career Transitions Coach (CTC), specialising in personal leadership and career transition. Her area of interest is in helping clients like you fulfil your personal and career ambitions while still maintaining a sense of work-life balance.

Ami has over 20 years senior management experience developing and mentoring staff while working at various companies in London, Tokyo and Singapore.

In 1999, Ami quit her expat job in Asia, her swimming pool and the sunshine in search of something more meaningful and came back to the UK. Through trial and error Ami searched and experimented until finally in 2008, smack in the middle of the financial crisis, she finally QUIT the 9 to 5 to coach full time.

Today, Ami coaches and mentors people like you who dream of a better, more meaningful approach to work and life. Using the BRIDGE METHOD™, Ami and her team help you clarify your direction and show you how to manage the ups and downs of transitioning to a career you will love and a life that aligns with who you are. There are no shortcuts but nothing beats having a seasoned traveller to journey with!

Ami’s work and holistic approach stem from her experience in business as well as her work as an NLP practitioner, reflexologist and yoga instructor. This approach is incorporated into Ami’s workshops. In a world gone digitally mad, Ami’s workshops are often unplugged with a focus on mindfulness via movement and creativity.

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